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FML Season 27 | Sign up! - [Today at 06:15:48 PM]

S26 Highlight Video - [February 15, 2018, 08:15:49 AM]

S26 Final Results - [February 13, 2018, 04:29:25 PM]

GRAND FINALS - [February 06, 2018, 08:09:19 PM]

FML Updates! - [February 06, 2018, 08:03:29 PM]
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18 Feb 2018 - FML Season 27 | Sign up!

Congratulations to QQs for winning his first FML title and being immortalized in history books. After weeks of celebration and laziness, resting is over now and we are calling all FFA players (the ones with and without honor) back to arms.

After two major team events in a row, FML Season 27 will be a clash of individuals again. No team bonus, no carry and no super teams.

The point structure (20-12-12-10 and +2 for top score) will remain the same as in previous seasons and every player will be ranked on a ladder, depending on his individual score.


The special feature of Season 27 lies in its matchmaking, which will happen within pools. There will be three pools (pool 1 = players on ranks 1-12 | pool 2 = players on ranks 13-24 | pool 3 = players on ranks 25+).
For round 1 (where we donít have a ranking yet), matches will be drawn randomly in a lottery (streamed live). After round 1, we will have a scoreboard and therefore rankings that define who is in which pool for the upcoming round (each round consists of two matches, played within a three week period) and so on.
The rank pairings will be as follows.

In case two players have identical points, the usual FML tie breaker rules apply.
After round 3, the top three ranked players will be qualified for the final and the players on rank four to seven will play a semi-final to decide who the fourth finalist is going to be.

Scheduling and Maps

Each player has to help scheduling his match, by posting his availability in the forum within 48 hours after the respective scheduling thread was created. If he does not, he loses scheduling rights. The 48 hours do not only apply for initial posts, but also for all subsequent scheduling thread discussions (e.g. if three players agree on a time and the fourth player fails to respond within 48 hours, he also loses his scheduling rights). Whatever was discussed in other communication channels (e.g. Discord) needs to be logged in the thread as well, in order to be valid from an official standpoint.
Admins will provide three potential maps for each match (in the scheduling thread). Each player can vote for one of these maps and whatever map gets most votes will be played.

If there is a tie, where two maps get two votes, whatever map had two votes first will be played. If all four players have posted their votes within the first 24 hours after the scheduling thread was created, admins will flip a coin to decide which of the two maps gets played.

If you want to participate in FML Season 27, please post your name, nationality and Warcraft 3 race into this thread, by Feb 28 (20 CET)

Player List (21/36)

:Canada: :ne: Renaud
:Finland: :ra: Aarnikratti
:USA: :ne: Mog[skynet]
:Russia: :ra: IWANTWC4
:France: :hu: Valefort
:Russia: :ra: Jaod
:Germany: :ne: HighTac
:USA: :ne: VelociRPTR.3EF
:Germany: :hu: QQs
:Albania: :orc: ena1337
:Russia: :orc: mrSweets
:Bulgaria: :ud: ObserveAndLearn
:France: :ra: SyDe
:Germany: :ra: Joggel
:Russia: :ne: :orc: Dinamo
:Russia: :orc: :ud: Airenikus
:Germany: :ne: Trunks
:Poland: :ne: Gradient
:United_Kingdom: :ra: New_Nebu
:Germany: :orc: Ostone
:Bulgaria: :orc: rbr.Godfather

12 Feb 2018 - S26 Highlight Video

FML | Season 26 | Highlight Video

11 Feb 2018 - S26 Final Results

:Germany: :ne: Trunks [Ena]
:Germany: :hu: QQs [Ena]
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig]

:HS: Harvest of Sorrow

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31 Jan 2018 - FML Updates!


Hello again all! I know things have been quiet the last two weeks or so. The S26 Finals should be just around the corner but the admin team has been hard at work in the backgrounds gearing up for the upcoming year. I wanted to give everyone a heads-up as to what you can expect in the near future...

Admin Team Changes

:Sweden: Junkerzam has decided to step down from his role as an admin. We will always remember the extremely memorable role he played during season 25 with the randomization videos! Futhermore, we have also decided to part ways with :Germany: Pinballmap. His extensive backlog of FFA Replay archives has been clutch with saving the history of the league over the last decade.

We want to thank both of them for all of the hardwork and dedication they have brought to the league since they have joined us! If any of you see them around, please give them a big thank you for everything they have done!

Now, with their departure, we want to welcome :Germany: HighTac to the FML admin team! HighTac has been instrumental in the last season as well as Battle Royale 2 in creating standings and spreadsheets to keep our league running smoothly. We are extremely excited to work with him for upcoming events!

We also have room for one more admin (though there are no promises that we will fill this spot right away). If anyone is interested in joining the FML admin team, please send me (WorpeX) a Private Message here on FML or Discord about why you wish to join the team and also tell us why you would be an asset to the admin team.

Whats next?

Well, for starters, there is going to be big changes to the FML bot in the near future. I don't have a lot to say currently on this undertaking, but the long term goal is to have a new bot which can auto-host games, have a ladder and be cross-realm. More information on that in the weeks to come.

While we patiently wait for the Finals to be scheduled though, there is a Post Season 26 chat thread which can be found here. Please feel free to weigh in on your thoughts from last season and future seasons!

Lastly, there will be an update to the FML Player Statistics page coming before the next season and also a mini-event in a whole other game..... stay tuned!

- WorpeX

22 Jan 2018 - GRAND FINALS

The Grand Finals are Set! Get ready for the biggest stage in FFA between 4 of the biggest names:

:Germany: :ne: Trunks [Ena]
:Germany: :hu: QQs [Ena]
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig]

:HS: Harvest of Sorrow

More information to come...

21 Jan 2018 - M98 Result

:Peru: :hu: ZsSuperCumulo
:USA: :ne: FML|Mog
:Russia: :orc: Airenikus
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant66

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08 Jan 2018 - The Post-Season Begins!!


Welcome everyone to the FML Post-Season show! I am your host :USA: WorpeX and I am excited to announce the players who will be competing for the Season 26 crown! This final competition is now sudden death and will feature two matches: A Semi-final where the winner advances into the GRAND FINAL with 3 players who qualified due to their remarkable performance during the season.

With the team aspect being stripped away now, I give you the winning team of S26: ZIG ZAG ZIGGURAT!!

They managed to squeeze past the Bad Manneroths at the very end. In the final game of their seasons, M47, :Russia: Dinamo needed a win to secure victory for the Manneroths but was unable to pull one out!

Here is the final team standings:

1. Zig Zag Ziggurat (344)
2. Bad Manneroths (340)
3. Free Ena (338)
4. Rage Critters (320)
5. Church of Renaud (312)
6. Suicide Squad (308)
7. Fetta Inc (290)
8. Free Agent Squad (284)


Now, with that out of the way its time to introduce our top 3 players from the season! All 3 will go directly to the Grand Finals...

:USA: :ne: WRECKTIFY [BM]: Team captain of the baddest team of them all, Wrecktify claimed a grand total of 4 wins this season! Affectionately known as the "King of FFA", Wrecktify is not only looking for his 5th win of the season... but also his 5th FFA Masters Title!!

:Germany: :ne: Trunks [Ena]: Trunks finishing in second place this season is absolutely an incredible achievement that should not be overlooked! In week 3, Trunks was docked -10 points for item feeding and ended up not getting a single point in that round because of it. To rebound from that, it would require a mammoth of a season... which Trunkz delivered! 4 wins later he looks to be a future champion. But can he take his now famous hipporider strategy and win on the biggest stage of FFA?

:Germany: :hu: QQs [Ena]: The Captain of team Free Ena has accomplished his ultimate goal of this season... Bring Ena back to FFA. The now unbanned Ena can always look towards the efforts of the team named in his honor and the captain of it who propelled his team forward with a 3 win effort. While the regular season domination was done for someone else, QQs intends to win this Final for no one else but himself!


We still have one more name to reveal! That player will be the champion of the Semi-Final match:

:LT: SF1
:Peru: :hu: Zs.Supercumulo [CoR]
:USA: :ne: Mog[Skynet] [Zig]
:Russia: :orc: Airenikus [Rage]
:Hungaria: :ud: Tyrant [Zig]

Good luck to all players!

08 Jan 2018 - M43 Result

:Netherlands: :hu: LssL
:USA: :ra: AlienWareOwnZ
:Germany: :ra: Joggel
:Belarus: :hu: ep123

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08 Jan 2018 - M47 Result

:Sweden: :orc: fetta_ook
:Sweden: :ra: FML|junkerzam
:Russia: :ra: Dinamo
:Germany: :ra: trunkz

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06 Jan 2018 - M44 Result

:Germany: :ne: HighTac
:France: :ne: Ponty
:Poland: :ne: Gradient
:France: :hu: Valefort

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